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Upgraded Hosting Plans

We’re very excited to announce that on Monday, June 4th, we upgraded all of our hosting plans once again. All plans now include 50% more disk space and bandwidth than before, which can be seen on our website. This change applies to both new and existing clients free of charge. The additional resources are available for you to allocate via your WHM account effective immediately.

No compromises have been made to offer these additional resources. Our network connectivity continues to be of the same high quality and all data remains on pure SSD RAID 10 arrays. We hope that you’re able to use these additional resources to better serve your own clients and continue growing!

Billing Migration

Over the next few months we will be migrating all clients to our new billing system that is now built-in to our existing portal. This will eliminate the need for you to login to a separate billing system to view invoices, update your credit card information, etc. All of this will now be easily accessible from within our portal.

You will receive an email and ticket notification with further details once your account has been migrated. The first batch of migrations were completed yesterday and another batch will go out around the 21st of each month until every client has been migrated. We expect this to take approximately 4 months in total.

As part of this migration there are two important items to take note of:

  • Your credit card information will need to be re-entered. Your card information is currently, and will continue to be, stored in a very secure manner that cannot be retrieved. As such, it cannot be migrated automatically and you’ll need to login to our portal to re-enter it once you receive a migration notification.
  • Texas residents will now pay sales tax as required. For the past several years we’ve been paying this out-of-pocket because our old billing system couldn’t properly accommodate this.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience during this process. Ultimately this will be a vast improvement over our old, separate billing system. If you have any questions or concerns about this migration please submit a ticket via our portal and we’ll be happy to address them. We just wanted to post this quick update so that you would not be caught off guard or worried about phishing when the time comes for your account to be migrated.

Coming Soon: Server Upgrades

With many hosts your account will remain on a particular server until it fails in some way or another. That’s not the way we do things here at Dathorn. We like to be proactive with upgrading or replacing our servers to help avoid failures that happen more frequently as hardware ages. This also gives us a great opportunity to deploy new configurations, operating system versions, etc. so that we can continue adding value to our services.

Over the next several months we will be going through this process once again. All of our existing shared and reseller hosting servers will be upgraded by means of migrating to a new server. You will receive a ticket notification via our client portal once your particular server has been scheduled. Aside from announcing this I wanted to quickly highlight some of the more important changes that will take place as a part of these migrations.

First up are the hardware changes and the most important of these concerns the local storage. Over the past 13 years we’ve gone from SATA storage to SAS drives to our current hybrid SSD / SATA arrays. Now we’re very excited to be migrating to pure SSD storage. All servers will be utilizing new 12Gbps LSI RAID controllers with a minimum of six 1TB SSDs in RAID 10. The performance that we’ve been able to get from these new systems is simply amazing. While other providers may charge extra for (or not even offer) such high speed storage, all of our clients are being upgraded to it free of charge.

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Happy New Year!

We wanted to quickly wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year! 2014 was a busy year for us as we deployed a new SpamTitan node, migrated all of our off-site servers, deployed a redundant VPN server, and defended against Heartbleed, ShellshockPOODLE, and a critical Drupal vulnerability.maxresdefault

We expect to be just as busy during 2015 as we continue to further enhance our services to better serve our clients. One of the big things we are in the process of planning is the migration of all hosting servers to brand new hardware. Despite the fact that our servers are still very capable and able to handle anything we throw at them, we like to do a full hardware refresh every few years. This helps us make sure your hosting performs flawlessly and likewise helps us avoid hardware failure rates that inevitably increase as time goes on. Stay tuned for another exciting year here at Dathorn!

Welcome to Our New Blog!

A lot of things happen behind the scenes here that aren’t necessarily announcement worthy. We wanted an easy way to share this information with everyone and finally decided that a blog would do the trick. This is intended to simply be an informal blog about the inner happenings here at Dathorn mixed with some industry news, security advisories, etc. This will also give us another opportunity to interact with both clients and non-clients outside of our general support duties. Please feel free to register and jump on in with your own comments!