Monthly Archives: February 2021

PHP 8.0 Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that PHP 8.0 is now available on all of our servers. You can easily change the PHP version per cPanel account via the “Select PHP Version” option in cPanel.

PHP 8.0 comes with numerous improvements and new features such as:

  • Union Types
  • Named Arguments
  • Match Expressions
  • Attributes
  • Constructor Property Promotion
  • Nullsafe Operator
  • Weak Maps
  • Just In Time Compilation

Additional information concerning the version 8.0 release can be found on PHP’s website here and the migration guide is also available. Please consult these for a detailed list of new features and backward incompatible changes. For third party applications, it’s best to confirm that they support PHP 8.0 before making the switch. However, if you run into any issues you can quickly and easily revert back to your prior version.

Please note that only a limited number of extensions are currently available for PHP 8.0. We will continue to make new ones available as soon as they are offered. We now offer secure versions of PHP 5.4 through 8.0 which are all easily selectable from within cPanel. Version 7.4 is now the default for all new cPanel accounts while existing accounts will continue to retain their prior settings.