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Clientexec 6.4: Redesigned Client Area & New Order Forms

A few months ago, we posted about the big changes coming in Clientexec 7. While version 7 has been pushed back, the product roadmap has changed along with it. Instead of releasing all of those big changes at once, they have opted to stagger their release across a few releases.

This lengthened release process started last month with the release of version 6.4, which included the redesigned client area and new order forms. The new client area, shown below, is a tremendous improvement and fully responsive.

Three new order forms were also added, two of which are shown below. The third is a new domain order form.

To add to these, Clientexec’s new affiliate system will be launched soon in version 6.5. The redesigned admin interface and all new reporting can be expected in version 7.

Existing Clientexec users can upgrade their instance to take advantage of these new interfaces if they haven’t already. If you’re interested in giving Clientexec a try or are looking for a cheaper alternative to WHMCS, submit a ticket and we’ll happily set you up with a free trial.

Clientexec 7 & WHMCS Price Increases

WHMCS is a popular web hosting billing platform and like cPanel, is a WebPros brand. Earlier this month, WHMCS sent out notifications concerning upcoming price increases effective July 1st. Instead of a flat fee, WHMCS license pricing is now based on the number of active clients and starts at $18.95 per month for up to 250 clients, $29.95 for up to 500 clients and $44.95 for up to 1,000 clients.

For those familiar with WebPros, this was not a surprise. Since 2017, WebPros has been adding web hosting related brands to their portfolio and altering their pricing structures to be considerably more costly to their user base. This includes changing cPanel license pricing from a flat fee to per cPanel account, which has increased our own cPanel licenses costs by 900%.

Given that cPanel pricing has increased significantly each of the past two years, it would not be unexpected to see further WHMCS price increases in the future. Growing frustration industry wide has led to many abandoning WebPros brands entirely. It’s difficult to trust a business with this pattern of behavior.

Fortunately for WHMCS users, there are alternatives available. One of these is Clientexec, which we have offered for $4.00 per month for the past 15 years. With Clientexec 7 coming this quarter, now is a great opportunity to take advantage of this very attractive discounted pricing.

Clientexec 7 will feature a completely refreshed admin area, client area and order forms utilizing Bootstrap for a fully responsive experience. It will also include a new, fully fledged affiliate system. Further details concerning the upcoming improvements can be found on their coming soon page here. For those looking to migrate their WHMCS data over to ClientExec, documentation concerning this process is available here.

If you would like to add a Clientexec license to your account or need any assistance getting it setup please submit a ticket via our portal and we’ll be happy to help.