Monthly Archives: June 2015

SpamTitan & SPF Records


As many of you know, we offer a paid business class spam filtering option called SpamTitan. You may not know, however, that whether or not you pay for inbound SpamTitan filtering all of your outbound email is still filtered by our SpamTitan cluster. If you aren’t familiar with our SpamTitan filtering you can learn more about it or signup for a free trial here.

We began filtering all outbound email through our SpamTitan cluster back in 2012 because we knew how important email delivery was to our clients. Since then we’ve experienced very few issues with our outbound mail IP addresses getting black listed or having a less than excellent reputation.

The vast majority of our outbound spam comes from forwarders that clients have setup to forward their domain’s email to their Gmail or other third party account. The filtering stops a lot of these spam messages from being forwarded and negatively impacting our IP reputation. Occasionally we do also see an email account’s login information having been compromised and used to send spam via SMTP and SpamTitan is able to stop most of these messages from ever leaving our network. Continue reading