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SpamTitan & SPF Records


As many of you know, we offer a paid business class spam filtering option called SpamTitan. You may not know, however, that whether or not you pay for inbound SpamTitan filtering all of your outbound email is still filtered by our SpamTitan cluster. If you aren’t familiar with our SpamTitan filtering you can learn more about it or signup for a free trial here.

We began filtering all outbound email through our SpamTitan cluster back in 2012 because we knew how important email delivery was to our clients. Since then we’ve experienced very few issues with our outbound mail IP addresses getting black listed or having a less than excellent reputation.

The vast majority of our outbound spam comes from forwarders that clients have setup to forward their domain’s email to their Gmail or other third party account. The filtering stops a lot of these spam messages from being forwarded and negatively impacting our IP reputation. Occasionally we do also see an email account’s login information having been compromised and used to send spam via SMTP and SpamTitan is able to stop most of these messages from ever leaving our network. Continue reading

SpamTitan Status Update & Free Trial

It has been almost a year since our last SpamTitan status update and since then the number of emails that our SpamTitan cluster has processed has nearly doubled. To date our cluster has now examined over 135 million emails as can be seen from the chart below.


The overall percentage of clean messages has dropped from 36.8% to 35.7%. This indicates an even greater percentage of change over the past 11 months since these percentages take into account all of the messages that have been filtered to date.


If you compare this latest graph to the one prior you’ll also notice a reduction in RBL rejections. This is just a symptom of the messages being tagged as spam earlier in the filtering process because you can also see an increase in other front line rejections (SPF, HELO verification,  greylisting, etc.). Messages filtered out at this stage would never get to the RBL rejection stage. Continue reading

New SpamTitan Node

We’ve been utilizing SpamTitan as our replacement for Postini for about 15 months now. It has proven to be a top notch product that has given us and our clients great results. To accommodate our growing needs and add further redundancy to our SpamTitan configuration we added another node earlier this month. This new node is located in Florida as opposed to our main Dallas location.

Naturally, this provides greater redundancy if for whatever reason our Dallas facility experiences an outage of any kind. Although such outages are very rare, this new node would be able to pick-up the slack and queue emails until they could be delivered at a later time. This also gives us a separate pool of IP addresses for which we can build a good outbound reputation and further ensure delivery of all emails sent from our servers. Continue reading

SpamTitan Status Update

In just a couple of short months our SpamTitan service has already examined more than 16.4 million emails. There has been a lot of interest in the SpamTitan service since we launched it and the two most frequently asked questions are “Does it work?” and “Is it worth it?”. Well, of course it works. We wouldn’t offer it as a service to our clients if it didn’t work. It not only works, but does so very well. We even use it ourselves with great success.

Defining the “worth” of the service is something that each individual or business owner has to determine. Everyone has their own spam tolerance level and will receive differing quantities of spam. This is exactly why we offer a free 30 day trial of SpamTitan. You can put it through its paces and see if it is a good fit for you and your business. If not, it can be canceled without restriction and more importantly no money out of pocket. We don’t play games here at Dathorn, there is no fine print to worry about.

One of the best ways to show someone how well something works is to simply provide a working example. Here I have for you a prime example from one of our client’s domains. Continue reading

Got Spam? Introducing Our Free SpamTitan Trial

Dealing with spam can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. As both ourselves and some of our client’s have found, cPanel’s built-in spam filtering doesn’t always cut it. Several years ago we began offering Postini’s email filtering to address these needs. Google bought Postini back in 2007 and is now migrating users to Google Apps. We’ve elected to move forward with an alternative, SpamTitan, to better suit our needs and those of our clients. The intent here is to provide a business class spam filtering solution to those that require it or are simply looking for something better.spamtitan-logo

SpamTitan offers a number of benefits over the basic cPanel SpamAssassin mail filtering:

  • Highly Effective – Anti-spam rules are updated hourly to help with the detection of current spam trends. Over time SpamTitan is also able to learn what is ham (not spam) and spam based on all of the emails that it has inspected.
  • Virus Scanning – All emails are scanned for viruses both by ClamAV and Kaspersky antivirus engines.
  • Message Quarantine – All emails detected as spam or virus infected are stored in a message quarantine that can easily be managed by each email user. This keeps dangerous emails off of your computer while also giving you the opportunity to inspect what has been picked up. Continue reading

Goodbye Postini, Hello SpamTitan

Several years ago we began offering Postini’s email filtering to our clients. As you may be aware, Google bought Postini in 2007. Throughout this year Google will be discontinuing the Postini service and only offering the option of migrating to Google Aspamtitan-logopps. We tested numerous other spam filtering services and appliances during 2012 so that we could find a better suited replacement. In December we made the decision to move forward with SpamTitan. A key element in choosing their product, aside from the filtering quality, was that we could run it on our own hardware and thus have greater control.

Before we make SpamTitan service available to everyone, we want to get our existing Postini users taken care of. If you are an existing Postini user, you will be receiving ticket notifications over the coming weeks as we work to get you migrated over. For those that are not familiar with Postini, a forthcoming blog post will go into more detail on the features of SpamTitan and how it might benefit you. You might even get to try it for free!