Monthly Archives: May 2013

SpamTitan Status Update

In just a couple of short months our SpamTitan service has already examined more than 16.4 million emails. There has been a lot of interest in the SpamTitan service since we launched it and the two most frequently asked questions are “Does it work?” and “Is it worth it?”. Well, of course it works. We wouldn’t offer it as a service to our clients if it didn’t work. It not only works, but does so very well. We even use it ourselves with great success.

Defining the “worth” of the service is something that each individual or business owner has to determine. Everyone has their own spam tolerance level and will receive differing quantities of spam. This is exactly why we offer a free 30 day trial of SpamTitan. You can put it through its paces and see if it is a good fit for you and your business. If not, it can be canceled without restriction and more importantly no money out of pocket. We don’t play games here at Dathorn, there is no fine print to worry about.

One of the best ways to show someone how well something works is to simply provide a working example. Here I have for you a prime example from one of our client’s domains. Continue reading

Keeping Your Login Info Secure

Your login information is the key to your hosting account. Much like your car keys, house keys, and ATM pin, you don’t want your login information stolen. We all know that a strong password is a good idea and that we shouldn’t be writing down logins on post-it notes next to our computer. Those topics have been well covered for many years. We’re going to cover a few of the less obvious, although equally important, aspects to keeping your login information secure.


Login information should always be submitted over SSL. This is easily confirmed by looking for “https” in your browser’s URL bar. Extended validation SSL certificates, like the one we use for our main website, portal, and billing system, will even show up green in the web browser as seen below.

https-url Continue reading