Monthly Archives: August 2015

cPanel 11.50 Update

All of our servers have been running cPanel 11.50 for at least two weeks and I wanted to go ahead and give you all a quick update on this. The big thing that some resellers are seeing as a result of this upgrade is much slower load times of the “Create a New Account” page and saving package changes in WHM. This issue is related to a change in the way that bandwidth data is now stored that was supposed to provide “significant performance improvement and greater reliability.” Unfortunately we’ve seen quite the opposite thus far, especially for resellers that have many cPanel accounts.

We reported this issue to cPanel support on August 13th and are still working with them to get this sorted out. As of Friday they were able to duplicate the issue with certainty on their own test environment and thought they had a test build that would resolve it but no luck there. We’re hopeful they’ll have a working test build later this week. When this might actually get pushed out to the “Release” or “Stable” build tiers is unknown so a full fix may still be a few weeks off. Rest assured, though, there are no performance issues with our servers and this does not cause any harm. You just need to beware that these actions will take longer to complete until they’re able to provide a solution. Continue reading