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Being Caged Up Isn’t Always Bad: CageFS

My wife and I are both dog lovers and finally rescued our first dog, a Golden Retriever named Carson, two years ago. Carson was a puppy at the time and we were determined to have a well behaved dog so we began crate training him from day one. As a dog owner, you have to understand that a crate (or cage) isn’t just a means of punishment. It is intended to be a safe place for the dog to escape to while also providing safety to the dog and your belongings while you’re away. As it turns out, Carson loved his crate and would even willingly take a nap in it on occasion.

Enjoying his crate aside from the tennis ball teasing.

Enjoying his crate aside from the tennis ball teasing.

We could leave the house knowing that Carson was safe and secure in his own environment. If we had not put him in his cage, things would have turned out differently. Continue reading

Got Spam? Introducing Our Free SpamTitan Trial

Dealing with spam can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. As both ourselves and some of our client’s have found, cPanel’s built-in spam filtering doesn’t always cut it. Several years ago we began offering Postini’s email filtering to address these needs. Google bought Postini back in 2007 and is now migrating users to Google Apps. We’ve elected to move forward with an alternative, SpamTitan, to better suit our needs and those of our clients. The intent here is to provide a business class spam filtering solution to those that require it or are simply looking for something better.spamtitan-logo

SpamTitan offers a number of benefits over the basic cPanel SpamAssassin mail filtering:

  • Highly Effective – Anti-spam rules are updated hourly to help with the detection of current spam trends. Over time SpamTitan is also able to learn what is ham (not spam) and spam based on all of the emails that it has inspected.
  • Virus Scanning – All emails are scanned for viruses both by ClamAV and Kaspersky antivirus engines.
  • Message Quarantine – All emails detected as spam or virus infected are stored in a message quarantine that can easily be managed by each email user. This keeps dangerous emails off of your computer while also giving you the opportunity to inspect what has been picked up. Continue reading