Monthly Archives: August 2013

Securing Your Local Environment

A couple of months ago we briefly covered how to help keep your login information secure. Some of the biggest threats to maintaining secure login information are your own computers and devices (phones, tablets, etc.). It is unfortunately quite common for a computer to be infected and any login information used on it compromised as a result. Here are a few important things to consider which can help to greatly reduce your chances of being infected.

Patch / Update Your Software

This is the golden rule as far as security is concerned and there really is no excuse to not be keeping your software updated. Attackers are quick to target new vulnerabilities so it is very important that all patches be applied in a timely manner. The three main things to keep note of would be:

  • Operating System – It doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Linux, or even a Mac. All of them can be vulnerable and need to be kept updated.
  • Anti-virus Software & Definitions – Should anything get through, your AV software needs to be current so that it has the best possible chance of preventing an infection.
  • Browser Related Software – This would include your web browser of choice along with all plugins. Flash, Java, and Adobe Reader are all commonly targeted by malicious websites. Continue reading