Monthly Archives: March 2013

Malware Scanning of Web Content

Securing an online presence can be one of the most difficult tasks that our clients face. We spend a tremendous amount of time keeping a watchful eye on security advisories, applying patches, etc. just to make sure our servers remain secure. This is often very hard for resellers and web developers alike to keep up with.

For instance, let’s take your average WordPress based website. Not only do you have to make sure the WordPress core stays updated but you also have to do the same for all plugins and themes that are being used. It is very common for a WordPress site to have more than 10 plugins and a handful of themes installed at once. Fortunately, WordPress has a good interface for managing and installing these updates easily. Often times everything can be upgraded in just a few clicks. However, this still requires that someone login to the WordPress admin interface and perform the upgrades. For resellers managing hundreds of sites this can be tedious at best and it is easy for one to get overlooked.

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Goodbye Postini, Hello SpamTitan

Several years ago we began offering Postini’s email filtering to our clients. As you may be aware, Google bought Postini in 2007. Throughout this year Google will be discontinuing the Postini service and only offering the option of migrating to Google Aspamtitan-logopps. We tested numerous other spam filtering services and appliances during 2012 so that we could find a better suited replacement. In December we made the decision to move forward with SpamTitan. A key element in choosing their product, aside from the filtering quality, was that we could run it on our own hardware and thus have greater control.

Before we make SpamTitan service available to everyone, we want to get our existing Postini users taken care of. If you are an existing Postini user, you will be receiving ticket notifications over the coming weeks as we work to get you migrated over. For those that are not familiar with Postini, a forthcoming blog post will go into more detail on the features of SpamTitan and how it might benefit you. You might even get to try it for free!

Welcome to Our New Blog!

A lot of things happen behind the scenes here that aren’t necessarily announcement worthy. We wanted an easy way to share this information with everyone and finally decided that a blog would do the trick. This is intended to simply be an informal blog about the inner happenings here at Dathorn mixed with some industry news, security advisories, etc. This will also give us another opportunity to interact with both clients and non-clients outside of our general support duties. Please feel free to register and jump on in with your own comments!