Monthly Archives: March 2015

cPanel 11.48 & Paper Lantern

Last week cPanel 11.48 made its way to the stable release tier and after some internal testing here all of our servers were updated with this new version. This new version brings some cPanel related changes including a nice new Paper Lantern theme for webmail. While the cPanel changes may seem relatively minor they will prove to be very useful for many of you.

In the past, the maximum email account quota that you could set was 2GB. If you wanted to set a higher limit the only option was to use “unlimited” which isn’t ideal. With this update, you can now configure email account quotas up to 4TB in size on our servers. Below you can see a 4GB test account we created that wasn’t previously possible.

cPanel Email Quota Limits

Important additions have also been made to the cPanel user contact preferences. cPanel users are now able to receive notifications whenever their contact email or account’s password changes. This provides some peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted if these are ever changed. Continue reading