Billing Migration

Over the next few months we will be migrating all clients to our new billing system that is now built-in to our existing portal. This will eliminate the need for you to login to a separate billing system to view invoices, update your credit card information, etc. All of this will now be easily accessible from within our portal.

You will receive an email and ticket notification with further details once your account has been migrated. The first batch of migrations were completed yesterday and another batch will go out around the 21st of each month until every client has been migrated. We expect this to take approximately 4 months in total.

As part of this migration there are two important items to take note of:

  • Your credit card information will need to be re-entered. Your card information is currently, and will continue to be, stored in a very secure manner that cannot be retrieved. As such, it cannot be migrated automatically and you’ll need to login to our portal to re-enter it once you receive a migration notification.
  • Texas residents will now pay sales tax as required. For the past several years we’ve been paying this out-of-pocket because our old billing system couldn’t properly accommodate this.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience during this process. Ultimately this will be a vast improvement over our old, separate billing system. If you have any questions or concerns about this migration please submit a ticket via our portal and we’ll be happy to address them. We just wanted to post this quick update so that you would not be caught off guard or worried about phishing when the time comes for your account to be migrated.

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