cPanel 54: Farewell X3

As you may have noticed, cPanel has dropped the parent value from their displayed version number as of this latest release. For display purposes this means you will see the version change from “11.52” to “54”. This isn’t particularly important but worth taking note of going forward.

The biggest change with this new release is the deprecation of the X3 cPanel theme as we’ve posted about here previously. Paper Lantern is the replacement theme which has been a work in progress for the past couple of years and is a big jump forward. In preparation for the cPanel 54 upgrade reaching the “Stable” build tier and our servers being upgraded, we will be migrating all packages and accounts to Paper Lantern to prevent a “Retro” Paper Lantern style from being applied by default. If you feel that you must go back to the old style theme you can still revert to X3 for the time being or use the “Retro” Paper Lantern style. Please note that X3 will be removed as of version 58.

With cPanel 54 a new sidebar has been added to Paper Lantern as you can see from the two screenshots below.


Paper Lantern as of cPanel 11.52


Paper Lantern with new sidebar

The sidebar includes links to a statistics page that will show overall usage details much like before, a dashboard with frequently used links and information, and the new user manager. The user manager is a new feature that allows you to manage all FTP and email users on a single page where they can now share passwords that will be synced automatically.


Sidebar statistics


Sidebar dashboard


Sidebar user manager

While the new sidebar and related features are not currently available on our servers, you can give Paper Lantern a try right now by changing your theme via WHM or cPanel. Next week we will be migrating all users over to Paper Lantern and shortly thereafter cPanel 54 should reach the stable build tier at which point we’ll update our servers. Please let us know what you think and reach out to us if we can be of any assistance.

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