New SpamTitan Node

We’ve been utilizing SpamTitan as our replacement for Postini for about 15 months now. It has proven to be a top notch product that has given us and our clients great results. To accommodate our growing needs and add further redundancy to our SpamTitan configuration we added another node earlier this month. This new node is located in Florida as opposed to our main Dallas location.

Naturally, this provides greater redundancy if for whatever reason our Dallas facility experiences an outage of any kind. Although such outages are very rare, this new node would be able to pick-up the slack and queue emails until they could be delivered at a later time. This also gives us a separate pool of IP addresses for which we can build a good outbound reputation and further ensure delivery of all emails sent from our servers.

All existing SpamTitan users have had their domain’s MX records updated to reflect this addition if their domain is utilizing our name servers. Those that are not using our name servers have already been sent notifications explaining what changes they should make in order to utilize this new node. As always, please feel free to submit a ticket if you have any questions or concerns.

While we’re on the subject I’ll go ahead and give a quick status update concerning our SpamTitan filtering. To date we have filtered just over 78 million emails. This includes outbound emails so the related statistics can be a bit skewed but this chart still provides an interesting overview.

spamtitan-2014-05The most relevant piece of information that you can see there is that only 37% of the filtered emails were clean. The remaining 63% were rejected for reasons varying from black listings to virus or spam content having been detected. Realistically the inbound only values would show a much smaller percentage of clean email. Since our clients are quite good at securing their sites overall our outbound email is generally very clean. Again, this just skews the percentages a bit. Last May I posted a status update that showed incoming only details for a specific domain and the clean email was around 11%. All this simply goes to show how effective this filtering is at eliminating the day-to-day garbage that most users receive.

All of that said, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that our free SpamTitan trial is still available. Any domain that you wish to test SpamTitan on gets the first 30 days for free. If you don’t feel that it is a good fit for you we’ll simply remove it without charge. To get started simply submit a ticket and we’ll get it setup for you right away.

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