cPanel 106 Changes

While there aren’t any significant changes in cPanel 106, we did want to quickly highlight a few changes that you might notice or find helpful.

Customizable Favorites in WHM

The Top Tools section has been replaced with a Favorites section that you can customize to more prominently show the features that you use the most.

Server and username data added to top navigation

The username, hostname, OS, cPanel & WHM version, and load average details have returned to the top navigation bar in WHM.

Empty Junk Button in RoundCube

An Empty Junk button has been added to Roundcube. This button allows you to remove all the messages in the JunkĀ folder at once.

Password Required to Update Contact Email Address

For security, you must now provide your password to change your cPanel contact email address.

Removed the Addon Domains, Alias Domains and Subdomains sections

These sections have been removed from the Jupiter cPanel theme. All of this functionality has long been consolidated under the Domains section / interface so this is just a removal of redundant pages.

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