cPanel 58 Paper Lantern

The Paper Lantern cPanel theme has been around for quite a while now and the biggest complaint that we and our clients have had with it is that the account’s usage details aren’t immediately visible upon logging in as seen below.


Important usage details can easily be overlooked since it’s no longer the first thing that you see. You have to select the “Statistics” or “Dashboard” tab to view any of this information. Often times clients login only for the purpose of viewing this information, thus adding unnecessary steps. Some clients opted to switch to the “Retro” Paper Lantern style to address this.

Finally, in cPanel 58, the developers have addressed this by reverting to the prior statistics bar view, similar to what was present in the old X3 theme. The only real difference is that this information is now displayed along the right side instead of the left.


As a result of this change, the Dashboard and Statistics tabs have been completely removed, leaving only “Home” and “User Manager”. Overall this is a small but very helpful change that all of us can benefit from.

While cPanel 58 reached the stable tier last week, we have not yet deployed it on our servers. It includes some rather large changes behind the scenes and we’re awaiting some bug fixes before moving forward. We hope to have all of our servers upgraded within the next week or two, at which point you’ll begin seeing this addition to Paper Lantern.

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