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Official cPanel iOS App

Back in January, cPanel released their official iOS app and have subsequently released a few updates since then. In its current form it is still rather basic but it can be useful nonetheless. Upon running the app for the first time you’re prompted to enter server and login information for cPanel, WHM or Webmail.

You’ll notice the ability to enable TouchID. This is particularly handy so that you don’t have to re-enter login information again, you can simply use TouchID to authenticate just as many other apps already take advantage of. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the extent of this app. When you connect to WHM you’ll see the standard web interface which is not mobile friendly. Continue reading

cPanel & WHM Two-Factor Authentication

We’re excited to announce that two-factor (2FA) authentication is now available for all of our cPanel and WHM users! Two factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your logins by requiring a security code in addition to your username and password to login. This security code is provided by an application on your mobile device once setup on your account.

WHM users can find the “Two-Factor Authentication” link on the left menu under the “Security Center” as seen below.


On this page you can go to the “Manage Users” tab to view and modify any cPanel users under your reseller account that have 2FA enabled. You can also go to the “Manage My Account” tab to setup 2FA on your own WHM account. Continue reading

cPanel 58 Paper Lantern

The Paper Lantern cPanel theme has been around for quite a while now and the biggest complaint that we and our clients have had with it is that the account’s usage details aren’t immediately visible upon logging in as seen below.


Important usage details can easily be overlooked since it’s no longer the first thing that you see. You have to select the “Statistics” or “Dashboard” tab to view any of this information. Often times clients login only for the purpose of viewing this information, thus adding unnecessary steps. Some clients opted to switch to the “Retro” Paper Lantern style to address this.

Finally, in cPanel 58, the developers have addressed this by reverting to the prior statistics bar view, similar to what was present in the old X3 theme. The only real difference is that this information is now displayed along the right side instead of the left. Continue reading

Feature Spotlight – PHP Selector

As we get close to completing all of our server upgrades, I wanted to go ahead and quickly highlight a feature that is available on the new servers. We’ve permitted clients to change the version of PHP that their site uses for many years now but this has always required a modification to the domain’s .htaccess file. Although this wasn’t particularly difficult, it has been simplified even further with the inclusion of PHP Selector. PHP Selector is a CloudLinux component that sits on top of CageFS and allows each cPanel user to select their desired PHP version.

Once you’ve logged into cPanel you’ll find the “Select PHP Version” option under the “Software” menu group as shown below.

cPanel PHP Selector 1

Continue reading

cPanel 56 & 58

The cPanel development cycle is constantly bringing us new features and changes that are often only visible to server administrators. Over the next couple of versions, though, there will be a couple of new features that you should be aware of as an end user. cPanel 56 was just pushed to the “Release” tier so in a few weeks it should be pushed to the “Stable” tier and shortly thereafter installed on all of our servers. Version 56 will include a utility for automating the process of converting an addon domain to its own cPanel account.


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cPanel 54: Farewell X3

As you may have noticed, cPanel has dropped the parent value from their displayed version number as of this latest release. For display purposes this means you will see the version change from “11.52” to “54”. This isn’t particularly important but worth taking note of going forward.

The biggest change with this new release is the deprecation of the X3 cPanel theme as we’ve posted about here previously. Paper Lantern is the replacement theme which has been a work in progress for the past couple of years and is a big jump forward. In preparation for the cPanel 54 upgrade reaching the “Stable” build tier and our servers being upgraded, we will be migrating all packages and accounts to Paper Lantern to prevent a “Retro” Paper Lantern style from being applied by default. If you feel that you must go back to the old style theme you can still revert to X3 for the time being or use the “Retro” Paper Lantern style. Please note that X3 will be removed as of version 58.

With cPanel 54 a new sidebar has been added to Paper Lantern as you can see from the two screenshots below.


Paper Lantern as of cPanel 11.52


Paper Lantern with new sidebar

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cPanel 11.50 Update

All of our servers have been running cPanel 11.50 for at least two weeks and I wanted to go ahead and give you all a quick update on this. The big thing that some resellers are seeing as a result of this upgrade is much slower load times of the “Create a New Account” page and saving package changes in WHM. This issue is related to a change in the way that bandwidth data is now stored that was supposed to provide “significant performance improvement and greater reliability.” Unfortunately we’ve seen quite the opposite thus far, especially for resellers that have many cPanel accounts.

We reported this issue to cPanel support on August 13th and are still working with them to get this sorted out. As of Friday they were able to duplicate the issue with certainty on their own test environment and thought they had a test build that would resolve it but no luck there. We’re hopeful they’ll have a working test build later this week. When this might actually get pushed out to the “Release” or “Stable” build tiers is unknown so a full fix may still be a few weeks off. Rest assured, though, there are no performance issues with our servers and this does not cause any harm. You just need to beware that these actions will take longer to complete until they’re able to provide a solution. Continue reading

cPanel 11.50 Has Arrived

Some of you have undoubtedly noticed this already but cPanel 11.50 has finally arrived. We’ve been testing it for quite some time now and have waited to roll out updates across our servers until we were able to thoroughly test some of the new functionality and make sure that all remaining issues had been addressed. At this point we have updated all of our own servers and client dedicated servers. We hope to begin updating all shared and reseller hosting servers next week. The most obvious change that you’ll see right away is the design of the cPanel, WHM, and webmail login pages.

cpanel 11.50 cpanel login cpanel 11.50 whm loginAlong with the login pages you’ll also see a new look once logged into WHM and an updated header on the Paper Lantern cPanel theme. Going forward we will begin migrating accounts to the Paper Lantern cPanel theme as X3 is retired. If you make use of cPanel’s branding for the X3 theme you’ll want to take a look at the options available to you for Paper Lantern so that you are prepared for this change. Continue reading

cPanel 11.48 & Paper Lantern

Last week cPanel 11.48 made its way to the stable release tier and after some internal testing here all of our servers were updated with this new version. This new version brings some cPanel related changes including a nice new Paper Lantern theme for webmail. While the cPanel changes may seem relatively minor they will prove to be very useful for many of you.

In the past, the maximum email account quota that you could set was 2GB. If you wanted to set a higher limit the only option was to use “unlimited” which isn’t ideal. With this update, you can now configure email account quotas up to 4TB in size on our servers. Below you can see a 4GB test account we created that wasn’t previously possible.

cPanel Email Quota Limits

Important additions have also been made to the cPanel user contact preferences. cPanel users are now able to receive notifications whenever their contact email or account’s password changes. This provides some peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted if these are ever changed. Continue reading

Paper Lantern Lighting The Way

cPanel’s X3 theme has long been the most popular cPanel interface for our users. Since it is developed and maintained by the cPanel developers it also tends to be the most reliable and bug free interface. In addition to the upgrade to Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.1, cPanel version 11.42 brought with it the first stable release of cPanel’s new Paper Lantern theme.


Paper Lantern

As you can see, this theme is quite a shift from the X3 theme that most of us having been using for a long time. It is a very simple, clean looking theme. This theme is still in active development so this is just the very beginning. Quite a few changes have already been made to it and these will automatically appear on our servers as soon as they make their way down in a stable release. You can sample the latest version on cPanel’s demo server here and you’ll immediately notice some subtle yet positive changes.

The latest stable release of Paper Lantern is available on our servers and can be selected by adjusting the theme setting within your WHM packages. Give it a try and let us know what you think!