Behind the Scenes: CentOS 5, LVE Stats 2, PHP 7.1 & EA 4

There’s been a lot happening here under the radar over the past month, so this gives us a great opportunity to post another of our “Behind the Scenes” updates. To start, we completed migration of all remaining CentOS 5 servers due to its end of life date, March 31st, quickly approaching. One of these servers was our primary DNS server (ns1) which was seamlessly migrated to a new CentOS 7 server without any service interruption.

CloudLinux’s LVE Stats 2 made its way out in a stable release, completely overhauling how system resource usage data is recorded on our servers. CPU and RAM usage is now recorded with much greater precision but perhaps most important is the new snapshot functionality. Now, when a CPU or RAM usage fault occurs, a snapshot of the account’s running processes is recorded. This allows you to go back and see what was running when a fault occurred, which is very helpful in identifying what caused it. Previously, no such information was available unless you actively witnessed the fault occurring.

PHP 7.1 was officially released and shortly thereafter available on all of our servers via CloudLinux’s PHP Selector. Our servers now offer PHP versions 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1. Version 5.6 is the default on new cPanel accounts and this can easily be changed via the “Select PHP Version” link in cPanel.

Lastly, all of our servers have been migrated to EasyApache 4. EA 3 had a good, long life but has finally been replaced with EA 4, which offers far greater efficiency in deploying custom Apache and PHP configurations. This doesn’t really impact our servers much because we don’t utilize EA directly. Instead, we continue to use LiteSpeed and CloudLinux’s PHP Selector on all servers. Upgrading to EA4, however, was still a necessary step because future cPanel releases will require it.

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and we wish everyone the best in this New Year! We have much more in store for 2017, which marks our 15th year in business. Stay tuned!

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