cPanel & WHM Two-Factor Authentication

We’re excited to announce that two-factor (2FA) authentication is now available for all of our cPanel and WHM users! Two factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your logins by requiring a security code in addition to your username and password to login. This security code is provided by an application on your mobile device once setup on your account.

WHM users can find the “Two-Factor Authentication” link on the left menu under the “Security Center” as seen below.


On this page you can go to the “Manage Users” tab to view and modify any cPanel users under your reseller account that have 2FA enabled. You can also go to the “Manage My Account” tab to setup 2FA on your own WHM account.

cPanel users will similarly find the “Two-Factor Authentication” link under the “Security” section of their cPanel.


From this page each cPanel user can enable 2FA on their account. The process of enabling 2FA is the same regardless of whether you’re doing it via cPanel or WHM.

Before you can proceed you’ll need to have a compatible application on your mobile device, such as “Google Authenticator” which can be found on both iOS and Android. Once you have the app you can proceed with enabling 2FA via cPanel or WHM. You’ll use the app to scan a QR code which will add the account to your mobile app. You’ll then enter the security code provided by your mobile app into the appropriate cPanel or WHM field to complete activation of 2FA.

Now that you have 2FA enabled, the next time you login you will be prompted for the security code after you’ve entered your username and password. We highly recommend enabling 2FA if at all feasible since it can help eliminate the risk associated with compromised login information. We’re happy to help if you need any assistance with setting it up.

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