cPanel 56 & 58

The cPanel development cycle is constantly bringing us new features and changes that are often only visible to server administrators. Over the next couple of versions, though, there will be a couple of new features that you should be aware of as an end user. cPanel 56 was just pushed to the “Release” tier so in a few weeks it should be pushed to the “Stable” tier and shortly thereafter installed on all of our servers. Version 56 will include a utility for automating the process of converting an addon domain to its own cPanel account.


In the past it has been unnecessarily complicated to perform this process manually so this utility will be very helpful. As a general rule, we do recommend the use of separate cPanel accounts instead of addon domains whenever possible. This helps provide far greater separation and thus security for all of the domains involved. Otherwise a compromised addon domain can compromise the entire cPanel account.

Moving on to version 58, cPanel will be introducing a basic Site Publisher that will be accessible within each cPanel account.


The Site Publisher will be great for allowing end users to quickly get a basic website online without having to install, maintain or otherwise worry about WordPress, Joomla, etc. The cPanel developers will¬†undoubtedly be adding even more templates and features to it going forward and we’ll continue to keep you updated on these and other additions as they make their way down.

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