Goodbye Postini, Hello SpamTitan

Several years ago we began offering Postini’s email filtering to our clients. As you may be aware, Google bought Postini in 2007. Throughout this year Google will be discontinuing the Postini service and only offering the option of migrating to Google Aspamtitan-logopps. We tested numerous other spam filtering services and appliances during 2012 so that we could find a better suited replacement. In December we made the decision to move forward with SpamTitan. A key element in choosing their product, aside from the filtering quality, was that we could run it on our own hardware and thus have greater control.

Before we make SpamTitan service available to everyone, we want to get our existing Postini users taken care of. If you are an existing Postini user, you will be receiving ticket notifications over the coming weeks as we work to get you migrated over. For those that are not familiar with Postini, a forthcoming blog post will go into more detail on the features of SpamTitan and how it might benefit you. You might even get to try it for free!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Postini, Hello SpamTitan

    1. AndrewT

      It looks like your account was included in the first batch of notifications that were sent out earlier today. We can gladly get you switched over to SpamTitan; just reply to the ticket when you’re ready.

      1. markjhouse

        Will the cost for SpamTitan remain at $2.00 per email address? I believe I have [snip] filtered. There may be a second email filtered, I’m not sure. After you confirm the cost I’ll let you know! If you can also let me know if I have a second email address filtered too, that would be great! For now, I would like to keep everything the same. 🙂 Thanks Andrew!

        1. AndrewT

          SpamTitan pricing is $1.00 per month per email address. Additional information is in the ticket notification sent to you which you can view in our portal. Please respond to that ticket to discuss the specifics of your account.

  1. Bill_P

    I’m sold! Although I’ve used another anti-spam solution for a number of years, I had Spam Titan installed on one of my domains so that I could answer customer questions. Spam Titan has worked so well for me that I’m going to have it installed on another of my domains.

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